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Switching maven settings.xml by name

I thought I’d throw this out there for anyone that might find this convenient: As Maven users know, local maven settings reside in $HOME/.m2/settings.xml However, sometimes I use some settings/config for when I’m working on open source projects that assume Maven central + Sonatype signature defaults, and I use different ones when working on work (closed source) projects that assume our company Artifactory server and other permissions. Ordinarily you’d modify the settings.xml file every time.. Read More

Entering the Tiny House Movement

The tiny house movement is real, and picking up quite a bit of steam.  And it’s awesome. I, like most others, bought in to the ‘American Dream’ of buying my own house when I was 26: a 2500 square/foot home on 1/3rd of an acre – 4 bedroom, 2.5 baths, master on main, fenced-in back yard, blah blah.  It was a great house, but I was single.  I didn’t need that much space.  I.. Read More

Into the Aquaria Rabbit Hole

I have been intrigued by aquaria (plural of aquarium) for a while, and more specifically, really interested in the last year. When I was an adolescent, my step-father had a freshwater fish tank with tetras, and I thought they were interesting enough, but only mildly so. Perhaps because of their tiny size of a couple of inches long and mediocre colors, I didn’t feel like they were captivating enough to warrant my time… Read More

Eat to Live, Day 1

Today is my first day that I’m really, actually making a legitimate effort to eat healthier and exercise on a regular basis. However, the anti-health gods were out to make my first day a living hell: I lost my keys when I arrived at work (that’s what happens when you have only 5 hours of sleep and your routine has been messed up due to traveling for 2 weeks). So instead of spending.. Read More

Upgrading from Groovy 1.7.x to 1.8.x: MissingPropertyException: No such property: for class:

Just jotting this down for anyone that might encounter this problem. Apparently Groovy 1.8 introduced a backwards-incompatible language syntax change. It cropped up for me while I was attempting to compile existing Groovy unit tests (written against Groovy 1.7.x) that use EasyMock. I’ll show an example next – just note that that what I experienced was due to a Groovy syntax issue and not specific to EasyMock. In a test case, I had.. Read More

Google Chrome Funny Language Detection

I thought this was rather amusing. When viewing a web server directory listing (in this case, the Maven Central repository), Chrome thought it was Italian. Seems like their language detection stuff isn’t quite fully fleshed out yet: To be fair, it’s just a directory listing, and I bet my request was served from M2 Central’s European mirror which probably resides partly in Italy. This is strange though, since I’m in Silicon Valley, California.. Read More

A Moral Dilemma

I’d like your thoughts on a moral dilemma I encountered last night in San Francisco. Here’s the story: On my way in to an In-n-Out Burger to grab a quick bite, there was a homeless guy in his mid-twenties sitting in front of the door with his scrawny-but-cute dog. He asked, “Could you please spare some food when you come out?”. Now, San Francisco is known for having one of the worst homeless.. Read More

Apache Shiro San Francisco JUG presentation

For those that might be interested and if you are near the San Francisco/Bay area, I will be presenting Super Simple Application Security with Apache Shiro to the San Francisco Java User Group on 12 October 2010 at 6:30 pm PDT. Please see the link to RSVP – seats are limited!

OSGi, Maven, Pax, and web applications

This post is written for developers that are trying to deploy a .war file inside of an OSGi runtime environment.  I experienced a lot of pain along the way to making my solution work, so hopefully this will alleviate any pain that you might have. The Scenario This post primarily reflects the environment in which I am writing and deploying my application.  Here are the key points that led me up to my.. Read More

Born to Run

Because I finished reading Cryptonomicon a few days ago, I was looking for the next book I wanted to read on my Kindle. I downloaded some classics – Swiss Family Robinson, Treasure Island, Count of Monte Cristo – all of which cost me $0.00. But I wanted to read something current as well, so I browsed through the best-selling Kindle books and came across this one which had a very high user rating.. Read More