Ok, so I decided to do this blog thing once and for all (I suppose the ‘for all’ part is quite literal here). I’m really active in the IT (more specifically Java) community, and I’ve had a ton of people ask me “where’s your ‘blog?”. Given that I’ve known what a ‘blog is for quite some time, I’m almost ashamed that I haven’t had one until now. At least now folks who have asked for entries have a place to visit, as sparse as it may currently be.

I guess I’ve always been too busy to take time out to just broadcast to the general public. Usually, my time is directed towards responding to topics initiated by someone else. Barring personal hobbies, I guess I’ve always felt it was a little nuts to actually divert time to something that doesn’t directly or immediately solve some problem or do something I find useful. I actually like helping people though, so perhaps this can be an avenue to do so. It is my job to teach, train and manage highly skilled software engineers – so, maybe this blog will help do that in some small manner. And heck, maybe I can get lucky and this thing blows up and allows me to make a killing with AdSense 😉

Now, that isn’t to say I’m a greedy capitalist pig (long live the U.S.A!) who wants to squeeze money out of his blog, because I’m not. I’m just a capitalist pig and will also take donations 😉 I do have altruistic intentions actually, a particular example being the open-source Java project I founded: JSecurity – a comprehensive Java Security Framework. I feel ubiquitous tools and frameworks ought to be open source and free, hence my progeneration.

Who knows, maybe this will be a good avenue just to blow off steam – I could actually find it a viable ‘hobby’ and enjoy it. We’ll see if I find it agreeable.

One final note on this first post: I apologize with toungue-in-cheek about the title of this Blog (‘Les is More’). As anyone with the first name of Les, Leslie or Lester will tell you, that particular phrase is not that funny nor particularly witty. But, since so many people think its so cool and fits me perfectly, I’ll oblige for the masses.

Watch out blogging world. You’ve got one more to look out for! (nevermind that this is like #200,935,801, and that blogs suck)