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Haptic User Interfaces

I found a blog entry on Haptic User Interfaces while googling. Pretty cool stuff. Its amazing that we still use a mouse and keyboard. I want to use a twiddle keyboard and that haptic interface, like, today! Here’s an amazing video of one haptic UI.

Full Circle to Smalltalk

While attempting to quench my thirst for the latest and greatest software that would make my life easiser, I went ‘a searchin’ on the net to find frameworks and technologies. Since I’m responsible for a lot of web 2.0 / enterprise software products, I wanted to find a framework and/or suite that I could leverage to cut my development time down. One of my biggest criteria in determining what is valuable is that.. Read More

Mind blowing magic / sleight of hand

While searching Google Video, I found this Japanese-American master magician named Cyril Takayama. Then, I found a Cyril Takayama YouTube page In one video, he passes large salt shaker right through a glass table – with people right next to him! Absolutely mind blowing. Usually with sleight of hand, you can see the magician contorting his hands a little bit, which sorta gives away that he might be hiding or palming things. This.. Read More

Email Validation using Regular Expressions (the Right Way)

UPDATE: This article was updated on February 1st, 2008 to account for domain literals and quoted strings such as “John Smith” <john.smith@somewhere.com>. It is now effectively the only complete and semantically correct email validator for Java. PETTY REQUEST: The update required considerably more effort than the original as it now accounts for all valid RFC parsing conditions. Because of this, and that this page is easily my most visited, I’d appreciate it if.. Read More