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The Hazlewood System of Units

In my opinion, scientific measurements should be represented via unmovable, logical, and absolutely atomic units that would be the same at all locations in the universe (at least given our current understanding of the universe). I think its absolutely ludicrous that the most advanced scientific experiments and quantum theory today have data sets that are represented by a system of measurement forged and “standardized” in 19th century Imperialistic Europe. Here are the fundamental.. Read More

Connecting to Ingres 2006 on Linux via JDBC

Ok, I had a hell of a time trying to get this figured out. It seems like my Ingres 2006 install environment did not match the documentation on the ingres website, which looks to be docos for the older r3 product. This seriously sucked. C’mon guys – get the docos right. Anway, here’s what I had to do. I didn’t install this ingres instance, but I did realize that a process named ‘iijdbc’.. Read More