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Integrating Spring with the ThinWire Rich Internet Application framework

ThinWire is an amazing Rich Internet Application (RIA) framework that caters to Java developers. The concept is extremely similar to other frameworks out there such as the Google Web Toolkit (GWT), ZK, Echo2, wingS, Flex and some others. Lets just say that most people who use ThinWire and these other frameworks can increase productivity 10-fold for web-based applications – they’re that big of a deal. After quite a lengthy period of evaluation of.. Read More

IntelliJ IDEA on Mac OS X – Setting Java VM options

After installing Intellij IDEA Selena (EAP release) Mac OS X .dmg, I found that I couldn’t edit the vm memory heap options like I used to on Linux. I inspected the /Applications/Selena-7027.app/bin/idea.sh file and saw that it looks for a file in that same directory called idea.vmoptions. So, I created the file, added my vm options (primarily -Xms64m -Xmx512m), saved it and restarted Selena. Unfortunately my settings weren’t picked up. But I found.. Read More