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Configuration-hell remedy with Singleton injection – DON'T do it

So, I just finished reading this blog post about Spring configuration advocating static getInstance() methods in some places in your code to reduce the amount of Spring xml config. Since I posted a reply on that blog, and the author would probably be inclined to moderate my entry and delete it because I directly oppose his position, I’ve reposted it here for the benefit of others to read. THAT POST ADVOCATES POOR ARCHITECTURE… Read More

Consistent Cache Configuration: Spring, Hibernate, EhCache, Shiro, et. al.

Have you ever wanted to use caching in your Spring/Hibernate application beyond just supporting Hibernate’s 2nd-level cache? If you know what a Hibernate 2nd-level cache is, you really know how huge its performance benefits are. Wouldn’t it be useful to utilize caching for other things in your application? Even if you don’t explicitly use a caching API in your app, you still might already be using caching without knowing it – other open.. Read More