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Maven 2 vs Ant+Ivy: Our selection process

This is an old post. I have long since moved on to Maven as described here The JSecurity team had a recent discussion on whether or not to use Maven 2 or Ant+Ivy moving forward. At the end of the day, I didn’t really care that much about which system we used, but I had three requirements: JSecurity releases must be pushed to the Maven 2 repository for easy access by both Maven.. Read More

Groovy Examples

Groovy is by far my favorite scripting language, since it leverages and integrates with all the Java stuff I use (applications, tools, server software, etc). It is just as expressive and powerful as Ruby, Python, etc., but feels a little simpler or cleaner, depending on the comparison. Here are two fantastic resources in the ‘Cookbook’ fashion, showing how to do many useful things with Groovy: The Groovy website Cookbook PLEAC’s Groovy Cookbook –.. Read More

Subversion Recovery Without a Backup

This post outlines how to re-create a subversion repository after a total failure or loss (disk overwritten, disk crash, accidentally deleted, etc) when you have no repository backups and only developers’ working copies. If you’ve lost your SVN server and have no backups of your repository, and you don’t want to do manual per-file copying from the old working copy to a new working copy, this is your only option – you have.. Read More