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4.3 Hours of Streaming Flash Video on the Google Phone (Nexus One)

Here’s a great (but kinda long) video. Short story – Apple (as we already knew) was full of shit when they said that Flash couldn’t be used on mobile devices, claiming that it would destroy battery life. But then again, if things were up to Apple, we’d all be stuck using QuickTime Video. *shudder*. 4.3 hours of streaming video over the web on only battery power is pretty damn good. The video was.. Read More

Java.net Maven Users Have Hope!

It is no stretch to say that Java.net’s Maven infrastructure (or lack thereof) is the worst I’ve encountered in a project hosting environment. It looks like the boys from Sonatype are willing to help out on this front by offering Maven repository hosting on their own public Nexus instance for any Java.net project that wants it. That’s a big benefit to those projects – jump on it! Read more about their rescue mission.. Read More