Because I finished reading Cryptonomicon a few days ago, I was looking for the next book I wanted to read on my Kindle. I downloaded some classics – Swiss Family Robinson, Treasure Island, Count of Monte Cristo – all of which cost me $0.00. But I wanted to read something current as well, so I browsed through the best-selling Kindle books and came across this one which had a very high user rating relative to many others:

So, I jumped on it – I was curious about the world of super-endurance and wondered if it would inspire me to one day check off “Run a Marathon” from my bucket list. I bought it and started reading.

I can’t put it down! I’m so fascinated by the Tarahumara tribe – a Mexican tribe, not African like I thought they might be at first glance. The author was a previous writer for Men’s Health and Running World magazine, and provides good backstory for the running-uninitiated like me. So far so great!