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Born to Run

Because I finished reading Cryptonomicon a few days ago, I was looking for the next book I wanted to read on my Kindle. I downloaded some classics – Swiss Family Robinson, Treasure Island, Count of Monte Cristo – all of which cost me $0.00. But I wanted to read something current as well, so I browsed through the best-selling Kindle books and came across this one which had a very high user rating.. Read More

4.3 Hours of Streaming Flash Video on the Google Phone (Nexus One)

Here’s a great (but kinda long) video. Short story – Apple (as we already knew) was full of shit when they said that Flash couldn’t be used on mobile devices, claiming that it would destroy battery life. But then again, if things were up to Apple, we’d all be stuck using QuickTime Video. *shudder*. 4.3 hours of streaming video over the web on only battery power is pretty damn good. The video was.. Read More

Java.net Maven Users Have Hope!

It is no stretch to say that Java.net’s Maven infrastructure (or lack thereof) is the worst I’ve encountered in a project hosting environment. It looks like the boys from Sonatype are willing to help out on this front by offering Maven repository hosting on their own public Nexus instance for any Java.net project that wants it. That’s a big benefit to those projects – jump on it! Read more about their rescue mission.. Read More

Maven 2 vs Ant+Ivy: Revisited

I’ve received a lot of hits and discussion concerning my previous post regarding Maven 2 vs Ant+Ivy, and I’m writing a follow up post to clarify some things. I now firmly believe that Maven 2 is a better build and project management tool than Ant+Ivy. I was wrong. Yep, I said it. I’m man enough to admit when I’ve made mistakes and that I’ve learned from my experiences. And this is coming from.. Read More

Free as in Speach or Free as in Beer?

I never understood this line when discussing Open-Source Software. Richard Stallman attempted to clarify the differences in Open-Source distribution models by saying “Free as in speach, not free as in beer”. “Free as in beer” is meant to signify a gratis, or no-cost (no money) distribution (but it is not necessarily free to do with as you please), while “Free as in speach” is meant to represent freedom of use – with little.. Read More

IntelliJ IDEA Performance : A Big Boost

Just jotting down some recommendations from a friend: Create an EXE4J_JAVA_HOME environment variable that points to your JDK installation (i.e. export EXE4J_JAVA_HOME=$JAVA_HOME). Delete the <idea install dir>/jre directory Add the following JVM options to what you may already have in Idea’s JVM config (<idea install dir>/bin/idea.exe.vmoptions on Windows): -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalMode

Linux, java.awt.headless and the DISPLAY environment variable

Just a quick note to self: After looking at the JDK source code today, we found that even when setting -Djava.awt.headless=true, if a script executes with the DISPLAY environment variable set, the AWT graphics environment will still use a GraphicsEnvironment representing that DISPLAY. A major problem with this is if the shell that launched the script that started the java process ever executes, the GraphicsEnvironment reflecting the DISPLAY will be removed and any.. Read More

BMW Paddle Shifters

A friend of mine recently pointed me to this forum thread, and I’d like to add my thoughts, based on actual long-term experience in driving a 535i with the Steptronic transmission with paddle shifters for over a year. The BMW’s paddle shifters don’t work like Ferrari or Formula 1 cars, where the right paddle up-shifts and the left paddle down-shifts. In the BMW, both paddles can both up and down-shift: when you pull.. Read More

On the Auto Bailout

Since it just makes good sense to understand a problem before we dole out the cash, let’s ask ourselves a question before we go spending (quite a bit) of our tax dollars. Why are the U.S. auto makers in a crunch? Of course our economy isn’t great and that’s one reason, but you must still ask “Why are they doing worse relatively compared to the foreign competition?” A lot of reasons: Reliability rankings… Read More

Ki Ken Tai Ichi (気剣体一)

As part of my Kendo Shodan (first degree black belt) examination (剣道の初段の審査), I had to answer a question regarding one of Budo’s fundamental principles – that of ‘ki ken tai ichi’ I’ve included my answer here in hopes that it helps people better understand Budo in general. Ki-ken-tai-ichi, from the Japanese kanji 気剣体一, describes the condition when all essential elements of a strike are unified in a single instant culminating in the perfect.. Read More