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My Workout Routine

So I’ve been exercising pretty consistently since I returned from Japan almost 2 months ago. I passed my first 6 week series last week, and I’m getting decent results. I still need to burn a bunch of pounds via cardio, but the muscle toning/building part of the workout is going as good as I expected – at least I feel like I’m on the road to returning back to routine I had in.. Read More

Dublin '07 – Day 3

Thursday 8 February 2007. Today was a pretty good day. I’m fully adjusted to the time zone now – it took about 2 full days to get on track. Work went well and one of our client’s employees invited us to go to lunch at the Guinness Storehouse Restaurant. This was a nice treat. It was snowing when we left the office for lunch and around 28 degrees Fahrenheit – nice and chilly.. Read More

Dublin '07 – Day 2

Wednesday 7 February 2007 So, I woke up at 7:15 this morning, 10 hours after going to bed and I could have still slept another 2 or 3 hours. Oh well. I had to get up to go to the client site. Myself, Jeff, Chris and Julio and one more engineer, Allan, will be consulting on site for a client in Ireland for 6 weeks. We went to work and had a good.. Read More

Dublin '07 – Day 1

Monday 5 February (Atlanta) to Tuesday 6 February (Dublin) 2007. I’ve recently flown out to Dublin, Ireland on a 6 week consulting engagement. And since I’ve never been to Ireland and would like to recall the trip later on, I think a daily blog entry or two would help me do that. Let me first say that, although entitled Day 1, I’m not really on my first day 😉 I’m really on my.. Read More

Java Email Address class

UPDATE: This Java class was updated on February 1st, 2008 to account for domain literals and quoted strings such as “John Smith” <john.smith@somewhere.com>. It is now effectively the only complete and semantically correct email validator for Java. PETTY REQUEST: The update required considerably more effort than the original as it now accounts for all valid RFC parsing conditions. Because of this, and that this page is easily my most visited, I’d appreciate it.. Read More

The Hazlewood System of Units

In my opinion, scientific measurements should be represented via unmovable, logical, and absolutely atomic units that would be the same at all locations in the universe (at least given our current understanding of the universe). I think its absolutely ludicrous that the most advanced scientific experiments and quantum theory today have data sets that are represented by a system of measurement forged and “standardized” in 19th century Imperialistic Europe. Here are the fundamental.. Read More

Connecting to Ingres 2006 on Linux via JDBC

Ok, I had a hell of a time trying to get this figured out. It seems like my Ingres 2006 install environment did not match the documentation on the ingres website, which looks to be docos for the older r3 product. This seriously sucked. C’mon guys – get the docos right. Anway, here’s what I had to do. I didn’t install this ingres instance, but I did realize that a process named ‘iijdbc’.. Read More

Americans should get out more

I’m so amazingly fortunate that I’ve had the opportunity to travel out of this country a few times. To experience other cultures first hand is just a great life experience, and I can say that it definitely changed my life. I’m far more interested in international affairs and cultures than I would ever be if I hadn’t visted overseas. The MASSIVE amount of excellent quality music overseas blew my mind away. There are.. Read More

Traceroute to PirateBay.org

I think this is absolutely freaking hilarious. A friend pointed me to a traceroute to the PirateBay.org – which shows an awesome host name for their domain. I’ve included the traceroute below for your viewing pleasure. But if you need a little background first: For those of you who don’t know, the PirateBay.org makes .torrent files available via a search-based interface. They don’t actually host any content themselves, and are for all intents.. Read More

I've failed…

Ok, I suck. I knew I would go for a period of time when I didn’t post anything on this blog. Sometimes I get really bad about those things. Its been 2 months for God’s sake! No excuse… Oh well, I’m back, and I’ll be posting shortly. For the 1 or 2 people who actually read this blog, and expect regularly new content, I apologize. But late is better than never!