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Ki Ken Tai Ichi (気剣体一)

As part of my Kendo Shodan (first degree black belt) examination (剣道の初段の審査), I had to answer a question regarding one of Budo’s fundamental principles – that of ‘ki ken tai ichi’ I’ve included my answer here in hopes that it helps people better understand Budo in general. Ki-ken-tai-ichi, from the Japanese kanji 気剣体一, describes the condition when all essential elements of a strike are unified in a single instant culminating in the perfect.. Read More

かわいい (Cute) to Death

So, I started taking Japanese classes a couple of weeks ago, and I really like what I’m learning. The language is actually very easy once you get the patterns down. Much easier than say, Latin or Spanish. Anyway, as I’ve alluded to before, I like to immerse myself as much as I can when learning new things. So, I started watching a lot of Japanese films with English subtitles to sort of pick.. Read More

Delving deeper into languages – Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, Romaji

So I wrote in my last post about my Utada Hikaru interest. Well, I really loved the songs, but there was one problem – I don’t speak Japanese. For those who don’t know me, this kind of thing drives me crazy – If I find something really interesting, I have to learn as much about that subject as I possibly can. I’m like a sponge – I crave learning new things and soak.. Read More

Addicted to Utada Hikaru

Ok, so I’m a little ashamed to be writing this post. But, whats the point of a blog if you can’t spill your guts every now and then? I’m currently feeding a juvenile addiction by being absolutely hooked on a Japanese Pop artist named Utada Hikaru. I look at that sentence and think to myself “How the heck did I ever even hear about that chick”? Well, since I lived in Europe (Barcelona).. Read More

Mind blowing magic / sleight of hand

While searching Google Video, I found this Japanese-American master magician named Cyril Takayama. Then, I found a Cyril Takayama YouTube page In one video, he passes large salt shaker right through a glass table – with people right next to him! Absolutely mind blowing. Usually with sleight of hand, you can see the magician contorting his hands a little bit, which sorta gives away that he might be hiding or palming things. This.. Read More