Anal Dildos

All people are made in such a way that they always get pleasure from sex. During the ages, the classic poses, actions, smells, and the usual feelings are getting boring.

In such situations, we always want something new. One of the most popular types of variety in sex is anal games. You can do it naturally – with your partner, or you can use special toys – anal dildos, that we will offer you below.

What are anal dildos?

Anal dildo for beginners is a type of sex toy that is designed to stimulate the sphincter of your anus. Outwardly, they are very similar to the classic vaginal dildos.

The main feature of these toys is the rounded compute of the edges, as well as the wide base, which significantly reduces the risk of damage to the anus when you use it.

Anal phalluses can be small and large, hard and soft, male and female. They are made of different materials, can have classical or original teck

Anyway, these toys train your back hole and after several attempts, you will enjoy anal sex with your partner. 

Some popular types of the anal dildos

There are a huge variety of anal dildos for beginners in the market. Everyone can choose his favorite appliance, according to the criteria, which are described below.

According to the design

  •         Classical design. These anal dildos are the total copies of real penises. They have the main stick of different lengths and the head. Almost all toys in this category have all irregular surfaces and skin imitation of the penis. These appliances can be very elastic or have quite a strong structure. 
  •         Anal balls. A very popular type of anal dildos. They consist of several spherical balls with the size of 1/2 to 2 inches. The quantity of balls is from 4 to 12, and all of them are fixed in a strong wire. You can insert in your anus all the balls or only part of them that helps you to control the process of enjoying.
  •         Anal plugs. They differ in their small length and cone-shaped edge. There is rounding at the top of the dildo not to hurt the skin when using. Because of its ergonomic shape, the plug can be removed as easily as it is inserted into the anal hole. From the backside of the product, a flexible tail from different materials can be fixed for sexual play.
  •         Vibrating anal dildos. These toys have the same shape and size, as classical dildos, but they are also equipped with the eccentric working from the battery that can be charged from an electrical outlet. Usually, these appliances are also completed with the remote control to operate them easily. 
  •         Sucker anal dildos. Have you ever dreamed to do something with your hands when you have anal sex? It is possible with our vacuum sucker anal dildos. Just fix it in the wall or the wardrobe and enjoy anal hands-free sex. 
  •         Realistic anal dildos. These toys are full-size copies of the men’s penis. It is made from soft latex or silicone and can be easily confused with a real partner. The surface of this artificial penis, as well as the irregularities and veins completely copy the real penis, for much more enjoyment.
  •         Ejaculating anal dildos. Inside the toy, there is a small capacity for that water, lubricant liquid, or for the real sperm. Just fill it with your favorite substance and push the valve at the best time. The dildo will spray it into your anal hole, and you will fill the real anal sex imitation.
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According to the shape

  •         Straight. It is produced from elastic, but strong high-density material. It has a high hardness structure and is sold as a straight stick made of silicone, latex, or plastic of various lengths.
  •         Special shape for your prostate stimulation. These toys have a unique structure. There are some ribs and pimples on its sides, that can touch and make the pressure to the most sensitive parts inside the anus. Usually are used by men or gay couples. 
  •         Curved. Some users dream of trying something new. The classic shape of the penis does not suit them. In this case, we offer curved anal dildos that can make the special shape of your anal channel, give new unforgettable feelings, and make you cum faster.
  •         Anal plug shape. The standard shape of the plug is a sharp, rounded edge that flares strictly towards the base, but near to the stopper part it suddenly changes shape for a secure fit in your anus rear passage.
  •         Multilevel anal dildo. These toys are a special type of anal balls, each of which has a variable diameter. The balls are strung on a wire in random order. When removing them from the anus, a different shape allows you to get new enjoying and feelings. They are usually used by advanced couples and single people.

Basic types of the anal dildos

  •         Silicone. It is one of the most popular materials. It has an elastic, pliable structure, bends well, does not require a hardcore, does not cause allergies or skin irritation.
  •         Metall. Dildos are made only of pure stainless medical steel, have a polished surface, don’t tear the skin, insert perfectly, don’t get stuck, and irritate the walls of the anus.
  •         Plastic. The most durable material. Food plastic dildos can be easily used for decades of years. The surface is often given out under a real penis, can be equipped with a vibrator.
  •         Glass. Strong, reliable, and durable natural material. It holds its shape well, does not tear the walls of the anus. Together with a good lubricant, it will provide excellent glide inside the anus.
  •         Latex. The best choice for beginners because it has a soft structure. Non-allergenic, easy to clean, and can be used for different hole diameters.
  •         Cyber-skin. Synthetic material that completely copies the natural leather. This substance is very gentle and velvety when touch. It gives a lot of pleasure to users.
  •         Jelly-rubber. This polymer has the highest elasticity, it can bend inside the anus, which completely excludes its damage. Before use, it is recommended to slightly warm up the material for increasing the feelings.
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There are several sizes of anal dildos, that you can find in any sex shop:

  •         Small – from 4 to 6 inches.
  •         Middle-sized – from 7 to 10 inches.
  •         Jumbo, or king-sized – more, than 10 inches. Some items can have the size of 20 or 25 inches. 

All anal dildos length is proportionally connected with its thin. As longer the stick, as wider its base, excluding only the anal plugs.

How to use

  •         Before each use need covers it with lubricant to avoid friction.
  •         After using need to clean your toy to avoid the infection and bad smells.
  •         When inserting the dildo in the anus need to relax all muscles not to hurt the skin. 
  •         Before the 1st use, need to try only the small sizes of such dildos, because all muscles should be trained first, and the sphincter has never been excluded from the rules.

How to clean and store

It is very important not only to wash but also to disinfect your dildo. To clean, just immerse the appliance in warm soapy water, and after a few minutes, wipe it thoroughly with a soft sponge. For disinfection, it is recommended to use an alcohol solution or a special intimate sanitizer. Store your dildo in a dry, chilled place, away from strangers.

In the case of correct using and following all hygiene requirements, you will be able to enjoy your toy every day without restriction. An anal stimulator will not only help you relax when you are alone but will also refresh your relationship with your partner.

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