How to eat healthy when you hate cooking

How to Eat Healthy When You Hate Cooking

How to eat healthy when you hate cooking? If you’re anything like me, it can be a challenge. I grew up in the southern states, where table scraps were king, and anything that came from the refrigerator was something to be tossed into the trash. If it wasn’t a nut, I threw it away. I remember going to grandparents, who would bring over whatever they could, no matter what the nutritional value, and my mother would often have to wash it and use it as a salad dressing.

When I got married, after a few years of being a housewife, I decided to start preparing meals for our family. I knew I didn’t like cooking, but I also didn’t like to throw out leftovers or grocery trips. I wanted to prepare delicious, nutritious food, but there just wasn’t enough time in a busy lifestyle. Fortunately, I knew someone who was willing to make homemade meals for us. She became our best friend for many years and even taught me how to make things like lasagna and cakes.

The key was learning how to prepare and store foods in a way that allowed me to have access to different kinds of food whenever I needed them. We’re now a little more advanced and I can make most of the “people food” that people like (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) without too much trouble. It’s just that sometimes, it seems like so much work to make good food that I just want to eat junk.

I know exactly what you’re feeling. You spend all day long in your kitchen, turning food into delicious meals. And at night, you come home, throw everything in the fridge, and decide to have a nice leisurely, healthy dinner. Sound familiar? I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that.

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I used to hate cooking, too, until I learned to really cook food. Now, instead of spending hours in the kitchen, I can spend an hour cooking and still come out with more delicious food than I could have ever dreamed of. Here are some tips on how to eat healthy when you hate to cook and enjoy food cooking.

First of all, I learned how to eat healthy when I started eating real food like food that comes from the ground. Grains, vegetables, fruits, and meats were the first things that I started eating. In fact, if I don’t get my hands on real food, I stay away from eating it at all. When I cook, all of the unhealthy preservatives and additives in commercialized and fast food foods are actually harmful to me. They make me sick!

So, it was important for me to learn how to eat healthy when I love to cook, because I couldn’t possibly go long periods of time between eating unhealthy food and eating food that is full of goodness. When you cook, the food gets to be fresh and hot and you get to taste all of the different spices and fillings and flavors and textures. It’s like food that is supposed to be good for you.

There are many different cooking methods out there, but I would recommend using a crock pot to cook food. A crock pot uses slow cooking that allows you to come home after a long day at work and not have to deal with a big mess. Even if you don’t like to cook food at all, crock pots are great for cooking things like soups, stews, and even chili. You will never know you were thankful you owned a crock pot before you actually used one!

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