How to eat move & be healthy by paul chek

How to Eat & Move Healthy by Paul Chek

Paul Chek is a world famous fitness expert, teacher, consultant and personal trainer. He is recognized as an expert by The New York Times and Oprah. In his book, Eat Move & Be Healthy, he shares some of his most valuable lessons on how to eat better, move better and become healthier. This is the second edition of the popular book. The first edition was an incredible success due to its revolutionary advice on how to eat and move healthy.


Paul Chiklis takes you through his simple, yet effective concepts on how to eat better, move better and become healthier. In this second edition, he provides even more powerful information on how to take your body from scratch, to a new you. By taking just ten minutes a day, everyday, you can change your life for the better. This book does not require a great amount of time commitment, but if you are a person who hates to cook, will eat out at restaurants or simply just does not like reading books, then you will love this book.

“How to eat and move healthy” by Paul Chiklis is a simple guide that provides every necessary detail on what it takes to make a delicious full meal, while also making it fun. In addition, he teaches you how to avoid unnecessary eating, and how to have a satisfying meal. Most importantly, he teaches you how to eat smarter, instead of harder. I would classify his book as “motivating and delicious”, because not only does it provide a great way to eat better, but it is full of tips and tricks on how to eat better, move better and become healthier overall.

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When I first decided to read “How to Eat and Move Healthy,” I was hesitant because I am a fairly health conscious person and do not particularly like reading about food or diets. However, after reading the book through, I realized that the principles within it were very applicable to my lifestyle. It started off with an interesting introduction chapter in which the author gives you tips on what foods to avoid, and what foods to consume in moderation. Then he goes into explaining how the body functions, and why eating healthy can make you feel better. After reading this chapter you will be empowered to begin creating the lifestyle changes necessary to live a healthier life.

The next section of the book “How to Eat and Move Healthy” addresses various “who eat, who move and how” aspects of eating and moving. This is the part where the ideas and advice come from. The book provides lots of great ideas on how to eat better, move better, and feel better by following a few simple guidelines. I really liked the sections on the history of eating disorders, what foods contribute to weight gain, what foods to avoid, and the 3 pillars of nutrition. The sections go into detail on how proper nutrition affects the mind, body, and spirit.

The final part of the book “How to Eat and Move Healthy” addresses the topic of strength training. The book talks about why you should incorporate strength training into your everyday life and how you can start doing workouts right away with just ten minutes a day. I think ten minutes a day is too much for a beginner, but if you have someone show you how to do proper strength training in a fitness class, then that would be perfect. I also really liked the section on balancing your diet, as most books don’t cover that topic.

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Overall I really enjoyed “How to Eat and Move Healthy.” It is an easy read that doesn’t require a lot of research or reading. Most of the ideas in the book are common sense and it will help put movement into your eating routine. However, I feel that there is room for improvement when it comes to being both a buyer and a dancer at the same time.

Overall I recommend this book for anyone looking for a great introduction into a more natural way of eating. It does not focus on weight loss or how much to eat, but rather gives you some simple tips on how to eat and move healthy. It is aimed at people who are still in their teen years and up, so there are some things that will probably not apply to older teens (like the need to watch your portion sizes). If you are already in your 20s and already have a few eating habits set, this book may serve as a good reference for those habits. For those who are new to the world of eating, I recommend checking out some other books that deal with the topic, as you will find there is a lot to learn.

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